How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Do you understand the experience your potential customers have when trying to decide whether or not to make a purchase from your company? As a business owner imagine investing money in advertising, a fancy website, and tons of marketing collateral only to find that your customers think your

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How to Develop Your Marketing Message

Having a fancy website is great but if you are not able to effectively communicate your company’s marketing message you will quickly lose the attention of potential clients. In this week’s edition of Simply Marketing, I share my simple framework for creating compelling marketing messages. Step #1

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How to Develop Your Stand Out & Sell Factor

Imagine your business exists on a street with several other businesses that all have the same exact facade. Now imagine all of those other businesses provide the same products, programs and services as your company. As your ideal customers start to walk down this street they will have

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How to Make Your Business Stand Out

Have you ever considered the experience you are creating for your customers? Once a customer has completed your full sales cycle what feeling do they have about working with your company? If you don’t know, then chances are you have not been intentionally weaving that feeling into your

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